Our therapeutical concept

We are a center for hollistic therapy and way of life:
 an extensive portfolio of different health care fields as well as decades of experience are what defines us.

Health developes by the interaction of different factors. The understanding formulated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is widely spread and accepted today: „Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being not merely the absence of disease or infirmity“. The areas musculoskeletal system, organ functions and emotions affect each other – they are quite often not to be viewed seperately when contemplating the origin of ailments. 

Our team comprises the following fields:  

  • physical therapy 
  • alternative medicine 
  • psycho-emotional coaching 
  • nutritional consulting 
  • yoga, meditation und emotional awareness
Marleen und Steffen Geißler

Our patients can profit from either of these areas of expertise as well as from their interdisciplinary cooperation and a hollistic point of view.
„People cannot achieve their fullest health potential unless they are able to take control of those things which determine their health.“*

We are happy to support you with our preventive therapeutical offers. Feel free to contact us for individual consultation!



*Ottawa Charta for health promotion, 1989